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Half moon hen chocolate mold - 110 gr

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The Half Moon Hen Chocolate Mold will allow you to create original and modern chocolate subjects for Easter.

This professional chocolate mold is in 2 double-sided parts.

This chocolate candy mold is made of injected plastic. This material brings shine to chocolate and facilitates the release of chocolate candies. The transparency of your chocolate mold makes it easy to decorate your candies, using food coloring. You can adapt the decorations of your chocolates according to the seasons and occasions.

We advise you to use couverture chocolate to make your chocolate candies, in order to have smooth and shiny subjects. For the end of the year celebrations, offer precious chocolate candies by decorating them with gold or edible silver. If you want to make decorations, color your chocolate candy mold before pouring.


Mold: 2 recto / verso plates - 275 x 175 x 26 mm

Unit size: 121.5 x 111 x 27 mm - 2 pcs (with right and left part)

Weight: 110g


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