Valrhona Dulcey Chocolate 35% - 1 kg

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Just arrived, discover Valrhona Dulcey 35% couverture chocolate - 1 kg

Smooth and biscuity. Blond in colour, Dulcey chocolate reveals a smooth and enveloping texture. Dulcey blond chocolate, with its slightly salty biscuity sweetness and its caramelised milk taste, has the gift of sending us back to childhood, of taking us on a journey through a whirlwind of delicious memories that are unique to each of us.


Major: biscuity

Minor: hint of salt

Singular: caramelized

Dulcey 35% is the very first blond chocolate.

The story of Dulcey: With DULCEY, Valrhona invented the fourth colour of chocolate: blond. During a pastry demonstration, Frédéric Bau left some white chocolate in a bain-marie a little too long. The result of this oversight surprised him: the chocolate had become blond and gave off a delicate smell of toasted shortbread and caramelised milk

Blending cocoa beans: It took eight years of research and development to develop the recipe we know today from this happy accident. Blond in colour, DULCEY reveals a smooth and enveloping texture. Its intense biscuit-like sweetness and low sugar content give way to generous notes of shortbread with a hint of salt.

Combinations for pastry-making : DULCEY goes particularly well with yellow fruit (apricot, banana, mango), dried fruit such as hazelnut, coffee and caramel. All recipes combining these ingredients are ideal with Dulcey. 

Allergen : SOJA, MILK. Manufactured in a facility that may use: nuts, gluten.


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