Silicone Molds 3D

With our 3D silicone molds you'll be able to make real animals, flowers, small subjects and figures for your pastry decoration. Perfect for pouring sugar or chocolate, non-stick and flexible material, the 3D slicone molds are easy to use and unmold. Many of the shapes of our 3D silicone mold can also be used to create decorations in sugar paste, almond paste, marzipan or gumpaste of cake design creations (on wedding cakes, cupcakes, birthday cakes etc.). You should color your ready creations with the airbrush colorings, varnish them with the Déco Spray or liquid varnish for a shiny effect and longer preservation.


  • Silicone molds 3D...

    Use the 3D silicone mold to create beautiful and just like real drops, spheres or vases in sugar or in chocolate. These molds are used by the most famous professional pastry and decoration chefs with sugar or Isomalt "Le Magnifique", so as to serve as base or structure or decoration element while creating sugar or chocolate art pieces.

  • Silicone molds for bases

    For your artistic or competition pieces in Isomalt sugar or chocolate couverture, here you'll find our whole range of silicone molds for bases : from the essential silicone bars (useful for drawing your own shapes), to more traditional forms as hearts , circles, squares or arabesque, unmissable for any artistic creation from sugar or chocolate. You can use the silicone molds for bases on a silicone mat for easy and neat work.

  • Silicone molds 3D...

    Thanks to the silicone mold for 3D subject you can create subjects and figures just like real. This is the perfect mold for poured sugar or chocolate, because non-stick and flexible enough for an easy use and demolding. You'll find molds for small decorations for wedding cakes, animals, objects, flowers, characters but also for small subjects in marzipan, sugar paste, almond paste, gumpaste. Think also of all the necessary tools for work of sugar, chocolate and sugat paste that you'll find in the range Pastry Tools.

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