Material and tools for pastry cutting

Déco'Relief presents you the tools for pastry cutting : pastry cutter in hard plastic, cookie cutter in stainless steel, pastry pad in plastic, chef's knives. The material and tools for pastry cutting is of professional quality and has attractif price for the pastry chef but also for the amateur in pastry willing to work with professional quality material.  


  • Cutting guitars

    Pastry Guitars in stainless steel in different sizes possibles and various cutting spaces. Our guitars are suitable for cutting chocolates, ganache, almond paste, marzipan, fruit jelly, praline, marshmallow, petits fours, soft caramel. Check also the section Frames for Ganache and chose the right frames for the work of your ganache.

  • Professional Knives...

    Discover professional knives "Les Halles" in stainless steel and many other tools in the section Professional Knives and cutting tools : pastry and dough divider, cake cutter etc. Chocolate spatula, pastry spatula and scrapers in the section Pastry tools.

  • Pastry Cutters

    Our pastry cutters and pads are made in stainless steel or crystal plastic, in many various shapes, they allow you a neat and precise cutting of your pastry creations, cakes, biscuits, pie crust and decorations. You can bake your pastry just cutted with the pastry cutters in our stainless steel rings that you'll find in the section Cake Molds.

  • Stainless Steel pastry...

    The fans of cake design can discover here pastry cutters in stainless steel, of various shapes, to use for cake decorations in sugar paste, almond pastz, marzipan, gumpaste and plastic chocolate. Use the stainless steel pastry cutters also for cutting in cookie pastry. 

  • Plastic pastry cutters

    Plastic pastry cutters are very different shapes and allow you to cut neat and precise forms in various pastry. Create modern pastry decorations or delicate cookies in shape of butterflies, flowers, hearts and many others, in gumpaste, sugar paste or marzipan, or plastic chocolate. 

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