Everything to make your pastries successful !

Déco'relief, a true benchmark in terms of innovations in the bakery, pastry and chocolate industry, offers a wide range of materials and ingredients to fulfill all your desires!

In 1984 and with a starting bet of 10,000 euros, Alain Lambert, pastry chef by trade, founded Déco'relief, on his own.

He creates his silicone moldsat night in his basement. During the day, he sells them to his colleagues in Dijon by increasing the number of demonstrations. The cakes then take on relief thanks to these utensils.

These molds are also more practical than those in bronze or plaster that existed until then. So many reasons that explain the dazzling success of the company. In addition, we also supply raw materials like food coloring, flavoring, decoration, etc.

But Déco'relief's innovations do not stop there, and many accessories have been developed to give new impetus to this decoration of cakes and other pastries. Even chocolates and your marzipan creations benefit from these novelties, which give relief and aestheticism to each of your recipes.

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