Déco'relief, the great adventure for over 30 years!

Déco'relief, the benchmark thanks to its innovations in the bakery, pastry & chocolate industry

Created in 1984 by pastry chef Alain Lambert, Déco'relief has become a benchmark thanks to its innovations in the bakery, pastry and chocolate industry. With its silicone molds, much more practical than traditional molds, Déco Reliefappeals to professionals and individuals alike.

Building on its success, the Déco Relief brand has expanded its range to offer decoration and culinary preparation products. Déco Relief is today cake molds, but also pastry equipment and decoration, interior fireworks as well as colorings, flavors and sugar pastes.p>

Why choose Déco Relief?

Déco Relief is a professional quality brand. Deco Relief silicone molds have many advantages (souplesse, démoulage…). (flexibility, release, etc.). If you combine these molds with Déco Relief colors and flavors, you will be able to achieve attractive sugar work with a very wide range of colors and flavors.

Déco Relief is a specialist in culinary decoration that ensures you can let your creativity express itself with innovative and quality products.

All artisans in France and more generally all specialists in the catering trade know Déco ‘Relief. It was in 1984 that the famous pastry chef, Alain Lambert, created this company with the ambition of meeting the expectations of pastry chefs, bakers, chocolate makers and all artisans in France. Traditional molds, in plaster or bronze, have been replaced by silicone cake molds, to unleash your creativity and give you all the tools to achieve your ambitions.

In a few numbers !

Déco'relief currently employs 45 people, represents a turnover of 7.2 million euros, offers more than 5,000 products ranging from molds to colorings and flavors, and has more than 6,000 active customers. It is theFrench leader among professionals in the catering trade. But the company also sells 50% of its production for export.

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