Déco Relief has been developing for many years its ranges of edible sprays and varnishes, intended for decorating your pastries, chocolates and other desserts.

Indispensable for working with artistic sugar and chocolate, Déco'GL cooling sprays ensure the assembly of your demonstration parts by instant cooling.

For decoration, our metallic sprays and velvet cocoa butter sprays will add a touch of color to your creations with ease. Ready to use, they can be used like spray cans.

Finalize your pastries or chocolates with our liquid or spray edible varnishes, which will give them shine and shine.


  • Cooling spray

    Our universal cooling sprays are versatile, do not leave traces and do not alter materials and materials. Two possible uses: blowers or cooler.
    Thanks to this product you can freeze your frozen and chocolate pieces without leaving any traces!

  • Varnish and unmolding...

    Edible varnishes are useful for bringing shine as well as incomparable protection to your creations (chocolate, sugar, marzipan, nougatine ...)! Discover the liquid in forms but also in the form of sprays for ease of use. Grease in the form of a spray is useful for greasing your metal or silicone molds before pouring your preparation. It facilitates unmolding without a hitch after cooking.

  • Metallic food spray

    For a flamboyant surface decoration for your cakes, desserts, candies and chocolate, use our metallic sprays. Very easy to use and ready to use, it provides a metallic finish thus highlighting the different reliefs of your rooms.

  • Food Velvet Spray

    Need to add color to your cakes, logs or desserts? Discover our wide range of velvet spray and their 14 colors!

    Composed of a cocoa butter base tinted with our fat-soluble food coloring agents, Deco Relief velvet spray cans are ready to use. Thanks to their professional format of 400ml, velvet spray can cover 5 to 6 standard size cakes.

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