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Take advantage of the best offers with Déco Relief! Stock up on good deals all year round thanks to our promotions, flash sales, destocking, low prices and good deals on all our products: silicone cake molds, polycarbonate chocolate mold, powdered food coloring, baking utensils, baking mats. silicone baking… When it comes to specific machines (bakery vacuum cleaners, compressors, tempers…), our after-sales service checks our exhibition equipment that we take to trade fairs to offer you the lowest prices!


  • Promotions

    With Déco Relief promotions, find exceptional offers on our ingredients and pastry equipment for professionals and individuals. Now is the perfect time to stock up on bargains at low prices!

  • Clearance

    Take advantage of the lowest prices on our clearance offers for our pastry products and also find our exhibition equipment presented at the trade fair, reconditioned by our after-sales service.

  • Short Dates

    Because a short DMD (Date of Minimum Durability) does not change the quality or the taste of our products, let's fight together against waste! Déco Relief offers you to save on our pastry ingredients whose DDM is short so as not to throw them away.

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