Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, feast of love since the year 495.

It is only since the 14th century that Valentine's Day has been inscribed on our calendars as a romantic celebration.

Since the discovery of chocolate in 1519, chocolate has nourished all imaginations and always finds good reasons to be tasted. Both as an antidepressant and as an aphrodisiac.

Discover our selection of products to declare your love or simply to please the chosen one.

On the menu: silicone molds, food coloring, chocolate candy molds and tablets, hearts of all kinds ...


  • Ingredients

    Find a small selection of ingredients and raw materials to accompany you during the preparation of your desserts / cakes and chocolates for Valentine's Day!

  • Chocolate molds

    Chocolates are an integral part of Valentine's Day, what better way to declare your love or simply to please than a box of chocolates? Find here, some products for creations of your chocolates!

  • Molds and cookie cutters

    A cake from the loved one is always a pleasure and even more so when it is made with love!

    We have concocted a selection of cookie cutters as well as PVC and silicone molds to allow you to make cookies, cakes and sublime desserts!

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