Silicone molds size 600x400mm

There are 2 ranges of silicone molds for cakes, size 6000x400mm : PavoFlex and Decoflex PRO 60x40. These molds will make easier your daily work and allow you to achieve petits fours et small cakes in no time. Made in food-grade non-stcik silicone, these cake molds allow you an easy demolding. With more than 150 shapes, youa re sure to find the one you need. Our silicone molds size 600x400m are in platinimu silicone and can be used from -40°c to +260°c. You should grease the molds before the first use with our demolding agent Déco'Moule so as to guarantee you an easy demolding. These molds are with registered designs.

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