Silicone mats

If you need a silicone mat or baking sheet in silicone for your pastries, Déco'Relief has a big range of professional quality and resistant to use pastry silicone mats : non stick material, with or without edge, smooth or with relief, plain or micro-perforated silicone or even special mat for macarons, whatever is the one you need you'll find it here. ALl the mats are made platinium silicone to be used from -40°C to 260°C, for freezing or baking.


  • Cooking mats

    Here you'll find our smooth silicone baking sheets or silicone mats with fiberglass covered with silicone so as to benefit perfect and uniform heat conduction. Multi use silicone mats will allow you to easily prepare, cook or defrost your creations. Non-stick and heat resistant, the silicone baking sheet will help you also while working sugar, nougatine or decorations in chocolate.

  • Edged Mat

    Our silicone mats with edge allow you to prepare and cook any type of preparations preventing spillover. Non-stick, very flexible, suitable from -40°C to +260°C, the silicone mat with edge is helpful for your preparations to smooth with a spatula as sweet or salty sponge cakes, but also puff pastr, pizza etc. as well as for safe sugar work, preventing leaking of hot sugar.

  • Silicone Mat with relief

    Our patry silicone mats with relief will help you to easily and quickly create bands of biscuits with regular designs. Our silicone mats are made of food-grade silicone and can be used in the oven as well as in the fridge, still allowing a very easy unmolding of your creations. Multifunctional, our silicone mats are also used to pour hot sugar, chocolate or different doughs. For even smoother use, spray the silicone bad with the degreasing agent DécoMoule before to use it the first time.

  • Silicone mats for...

    Here you'll find our range of silicone mats for macarons, made of food-grade silicone to be used from -40°C to +260°C. Due to their special design the silicone mats for macarons are the best to use with precision your pastry bag by avoiding that the macarons touch each other during the cooking. Our selection contains simple or double face silicone mats of different sizes. Resistant and anti-adhesive, the silicone mat for macarons will enable you to obtain regular and smooth macarons. For a recipe and advices for how to use, visit our section " Pastry bags and tubes".

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