Flavours and Savours

The flavor of your pastries regularly serves as a signature for your customers or guests. This is why Déco Relief develops extensive ranges of natural organic aromas or concentrated aromas, real flavor enhancers, and adapted to your preparations.

Our spices, vanilla pods and fruit purees will add character to your delicacies.

Also find our preparations for cakes and pastries, ready to use, allowing you to optimize your time for preparing your favorite recipes. They have been specially concocted by Alain Lambert and will suit both professionals and individuals.


  • Concentrated Flavours

    Find the widest range of concentrated food aromas, revisited by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France, to guarantee your pastries a high flavor, even after baking, and professional quality.

    A few drops of Deco'relief concentrated food flavoring are sufficient to perfume or enhance the taste of your preparations. The new range of food flavors with an even more concentrated formula extends from the aroma of fruits, to the aroma of flowers such as the aroma of food violet through the aroma of dried fruits such as pistachio.

    Do not hesitate to add a touch of food coloring to give a color in line with the food flavor used and to perfect your preparations. Deco'relief concentrated food flavors are available in 125 ml but can also be supplied in packaging of 1L, 5L or more on request.

  • Natural Food Flavours

    For pastry preparations requiring natural ingredients, Déco'relief has developed a range of natural food flavors in a practical 30ml format. These flavors are also available, for professionals, in larger formats (on request only).

    The great classics of food flavoring are available to enhance the taste of your pastries: natural fruit flavors such as the natural raspberry or pistachio food flavoring, as well as natural floral food flavors such as the natural food flavor of violet , rose or orange blossom. To facilitate dosing, the flavors are packaged in a bottle with a drip tip.

    To complete its natural range, Déco'relief offers you its natural food coloring to decorate your pastries in line with the natural food flavor used in your preparation.

  • Natural Flavouring Powder

    Natural powdered flavourings are appreciated by professionals for their strong flavouring power. Designed for gastronomy, they enhance the flavour of cakes and can be adapted to a variety of sweet preparations. Their versatility offers creative flexibility, allowing you to find the flavours of your favourite fruits at any time.

  • Natural Organic Food...

    With our new range of organic natural flavors, give a fruity taste to your preparations of desserts, pastries, confectionery, salty and sweet recipes with a subtle and very natural taste.

    100% natural aroma from organic farming, with Ecocert certification. Very easy to use, the organic aroma bottles have a drip for optimal and controlled dosage. Organic flavors represent the highest quality in terms of raw materials for natural flavors. Made in France.

  • Fruit puree

    For the preparation of your pastries, ice creams and creams, you will find Ravifruit fruit puree for your mousses, sauces, toppings or desserts ...

    The best quality of fruit purée (including the highly sought-after passion fruit purée Ravifruit) have been selected for the realization of your desserts, desserts or chocolate interiors, to pair, according to your desires, with spices, vanilla pods, aromatics.

  • Concentrated flavour...

    With their intense flavours, concentrated flavour pastes are the perfect companions for your creative moments in the kitchen. Whether you're making airy mousses, refined bavarois, creamy ice creams or exquisite cakes, they offer you unrivalled versatility. Their concentrated formula allows you to dose precisely, giving you total control over the intensity of flavour in your preparations.

  • Pastes and fillings

    Ready-to-use preparations for cakes and pastries allow you to make delicious cakes quickly and optimise your working time and production.

    With our praline, pistachio and ganache pastes, you'll be able to make all kinds of pastries. Pastry mixes help you save time and create delicious homemade pastries.

  • Spices and Vanilla pods

    In addition to its ranges of concentrated food aromas and natural food aromas, Déco'relief offers a range of spices and vanilla pods for baking and chocolate making.

    From tonka beans to vanilla pods, through spices such as Timut pepper, find excellent flavor enhancers that can be used both in the ganaches of your chocolate candies and in the mousse of your desserts.

    Déco'relief also offers concentrated pastes and fruit purees that will complement each other perfectly.

  • Pastry Icing and Topping

    Déco'Relief presents a range of pastry icing and topping for entremets, tarts or cakes in packaging of small size (1kg) for an optimized preservation. The essential icings and toppings have been gathered together in this section: chocolate glaze / mirror glaze, neutral glaze or neutral topping, strawberry topping or apricot topping for your pies but also pastry fondant for your cupcake topping or topping for eclair pastry. To color your pastry fondant or your neutral glaze use the range of colors Les Intenses and add flavor from our range of Food Flavours. To create a velvet effect on your desserts combine topping and our Perlé Velours sprays.

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