Couverture Chocolate

for you to ensure optimal results in your chocolate creations. The Barry chocolate brand guarantees you exceptional products with a selection of very high quality cocoa beans.

Chocolat Barry offers a complete range of products to satisfy all your chocolate couverture cravings: chocolate cakes, chocolate moldings, ganaches, chocolate mousses, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice creams. Pastry chocolate or couverture chocolate for moldings in chocolate candy molds or chocolate subject molds, Déco'relief offers you the essential range for your pastry creations and creations as well as a whole range of chocolate equipment and tools for working with chocolate. . Pastry chefs, Select our chocolate bars and chocolate pistols at the best prices, Barry chocolate for chocolates, pralines, decorations and polycarbonate molds or thermoformed molds for Easter chocolate subjects ...

Also discover our full range of dried fruits and almond powder.

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