Specialist since 1984 in pastry ingredients and supplies, Déco Relief offers a wide choice of professional quality products, accessible to all.

Unmissable in the Deco Relief universe, our ranges of food coloring will satisfy the greatest number. Coloring on the surface or in the mass, high concentration or 100% natural, so many specificities ensuring optimal use according to the support (chocolate, artistic piece in sugar, icing…). For a more refined look, Déco Relief offers metallic food colorings in a multitude of forms, in powders, sprays, flakes or even sheets. To guarantee the flavor of your pastries, find a wide range of concentrated or natural organic food flavors. Also discover everything you need for your preparations and their decoration such as couverture chocolates, isomalt for working with sugar, powders and dried fruits or even sugar pastes ...


  • Flavours and Savours

    The flavor of your pastries regularly serves as a signature for your customers or guests. This is why Déco Relief develops extensive ranges of natural organic aromas or concentrated aromas, real flavor enhancers, and adapted to your preparations.

    Our spices, vanilla pods and fruit purees will add character to your delicacies.

    Also find our preparations for cakes and pastries, ready to use, allowing you to optimize your time for preparing your favorite recipes. They have been specially concocted by Alain Lambert and will suit both professionals and individuals.

  • Couverture Chocolate

    for you to ensure optimal results in your chocolate creations. The Barry chocolate brand guarantees you exceptional products with a selection of very high quality cocoa beans.

    Chocolat Barry offers a complete range of products to satisfy all your chocolate couverture cravings: chocolate cakes, chocolate moldings, ganaches, chocolate mousses, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice creams. Pastry chocolate or couverture chocolate for moldings in chocolate candy molds or chocolate subject molds, Déco'relief offers you the essential range for your pastry creations and creations as well as a whole range of chocolate equipment and tools for working with chocolate. . Pastry chefs, Select our chocolate bars and chocolate pistols at the best prices, Barry chocolate for chocolates, pralines, decorations and polycarbonate molds or thermoformed molds for Easter chocolate subjects ...

    Also discover our full range of dried fruits and almond powder.

  • Dried Fruits - Fruits...

    The Déco'relief almond and dried fruit powders have been selected with the greatest care to ensure a fineness of the grain suitable for any type of pastry preparation with a lot of flavor.

    Indispensable for making king cakes but especially macaroons, discover our extra fine almond powder, with optimal granulometry, which will combine perfectly with our icing sugar to guarantee a successful macaroon maker.

    Think of our pre-marked silicone mats for poaching your macaroons and our full range of food coloring.

  • Food Coloring

    Deco Relief food coloring is offered through wide ranges for pastry chefs, chocolate makers and artistic sugar professionals: liquid food coloring for airbrushing, water-soluble or fat-soluble powdered food coloring, natural or metallic food coloring, etc.

    For surface or bulk coloring, choose your food coloring according to the use: for coloring chocolate and cocoa butter, coloring sugar paste, fondant or artistic pieces in isomalt .

    Food coloring is mainly used in pastries (macaroons, dessert mousse, etc.) and culinary preparations.

    For a simple and direct coloring, find food varnishes, food coloring gel or food pens of various colors.

    Accessible to all, our range of food coloring spray will allow you to color all your cakes, desserts or sweets to give free rein to your creativity!

  • Sprays

    Déco Relief has been developing for many years its ranges of edible sprays and varnishes, intended for decorating your pastries, chocolates and other desserts.

    Indispensable for working with artistic sugar and chocolate, Déco'GL cooling sprays ensure the assembly of your demonstration parts by instant cooling.

    For decoration, our metallic sprays and velvet cocoa butter sprays will add a touch of color to your creations with ease. Ready to use, they can be used like spray cans.

    Finalize your pastries or chocolates with our liquid or spray edible varnishes, which will give them shine and shine.

  • Real Gold and Silver

    Embellish all your pastries and chocolates with our glitter and gold or edible silver leaf! A subtle and noble material, gold and silver are edible and non-allergenic metals. This edible gold will enhance the decoration of your meals, your starters, your desserts with a very rare finesse.

    For optimal use, apply the gold leaves with a brush, sprinkle or spray with the real edible gold spray. Different packagings are available: booklets of 5 or 25 edible gold leaves, gold flakes or edible silver in 300 or 1000mg, gold and silver flakes ...

    For your achievements, we also have a range of food additives and special sugars.

  • Food additives and...

    To meet the technical requirements of pastry, Déco'relief offers special sugars and technical food additives, special sweeteners for pastry.

    For all the very technical recipes, discover our ingredients and food additives such as gelatins or special pectins.

    Ideal for working with artistic sugar, isomalt "Le Magnifique" will accompany all professionals in their creation of their artistic pieces in sugar by its ease of use and storage.

    Déco'relief brought together this range with the particular attention necessary to the increasingly advanced technical nature of the new pastry. You will also find on the Deco'relief site all the professional material that will correspond to this high technicality: material for working with artistic sugarsilicone molds for making artistic pieces, professional quality food coloring ...

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