Wafer, pastillage and food decorations

In quest of pearls, wafer discs, edible pens and decorations of all kinds to adorn your birthday cakes, wedding cakes or cupcakes for a baby shower?

Discover our selection of products for your cake design! Sweet, chocolatey, shiny and melting ... You should find something to delight young and old alike.


  • Edible glitters and...

    Glittering sugar, edible confetti, chocolate spinkles or edible glitter, for the decoration of a birthday cake, wedding cake or cupcakes for baby shower, the range of Mini Decorations for Cakes offers a big choice of food sprinkles of many different shapes and colours, to sprinkle or arrange gently on the icing, topping or any other dressing in sugar paste. Tthe range Edible glitters and Mini Decorations for Cakes contents decorations of different texture, either in colored sugar, in chocolate or in biscuit, but also in coated cereals. The glitters or mini decorations are in all kind of colors, matt or brilliant, matching the colors of the other decorations of your cake (gumpaste flowers, cake toppers, edible lace) or can be completed with some metalized spray or metallic varnish applied to your cake decorations.

  • Wafer Decorations

    The cake topper is the easiest to use edible top decoration for dressing your cakes with your favourite character s and heroes of the cartoons, TV series or football team...Easy to apply by only moistening the underneath of the cake topper, your birthday cake will be personalized without any effort. A range of cake toppers in sugar paste is also available, offering an easier and clearer cutting. To personalize further your decorations, together with a cake topper in waffle or sugar paste use our birthday candles at teh effigie of the same characters to find in the range " Birthday Candles ". Don't forget that these cake toppers in waffle or sugar paste could be applied easier on smooth birthday cakes covered in sugar paste or an icing.

  • Gumpaste flowers

    Don't hesitate and enjoy the ready-to-use subject in pastry gumpaste that we offer. Created in gumpaste, which is hardened sugar paste, our gumpaste flowers will decorate wedding cakes, pièce montée, but also anniversary and birthday cakes, cupcakes for baby shower or cakes for any other event. Our gumpaste flowers, bunches of flowers and branches can also be used for table and buffet decorations for caterer receptions, ceremonies. The very small bunches of gumpaste flowers,the small individual gumpaste flowers or baby shoes in gumpaste...could be used as decoration together with the figurines of the range " Figurine Cake Wedding, Baptism, Birth " and be enhanced with the table fireworks in the range " Table Fireworks and other party decorations "

  • Food colors in Pencils

    Déco'Relief presents a large choice of pencils with food colors to write or decorate your cakes in sugar paste, gumpaste, flower paste or marzipan. Even on small surfaces as gumpaste flowers, the food colors pencils exist in many colors and models, standard or metallic, mat or shiny. The food varnish in small bottles are applied with a brush for an opaque coloring. For finishing works on your decorations think to varnish with the food varnish in liquid or in spray Déco'Spray.

  • Edible dried flowers

    Discover our range of edible dried flowers, a treasure trove of flavours and colours to enhance your dishes and drinks. Ideal for decorating or adding a touch of originality to your culinary creations, these flowers are carefully selected for their quality and beauty. Perfect for lovers of natural and creative cuisine, they offer a unique taste experience, while being a healthy and environmentally-friendly choice. Add an aesthetic and tasty dimension to your recipes with our dried edible flowers, a must-have ingredient for chefs and gourmets looking for innovation in their cooking.

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