For more than 30 years, Déco Relief has carefully selected the best professional equipment for the pastry, bakery and chocolate trades.

Classic and timeless utensils, such as whips, maryses or baking mats, will make your task easier in your creations and will accompany you during your pastry productions. The specific trades will also find their account with dippers, airbrushes and guitars for chocolate, tables and lamps for working with sugar or even vacuum cleaners and bannetons for bakers ... Without forgetting of course the atypical machines for the realization of 'almonds, tiles or even nougatine.


  • Material and tools for...

    Our complete range of material and tools for sugar work allow you to create sugar decorations or artistic pieces in sugar. Material and tools are used for work with pulled sugar on the special table for sugar with the lamps for sugar; to work poured sugar; to work blowed sugar with the traditional sugar pump; to create any other kind of aritstic sugar pieces. Find also the food colors and the famous Isomalt sugar "Le Magnifique" in the section Raw Material and Ingredients for Pastry.

  • Material and tools for...

    In the section Material and tools for chocolate work you will find : guitars, chocolate fountains, dipping and tempering machines, chocolate compressor and chocolate gun. The food colorings and couverture chocolate are available in section Raw Material and Ingredients for Pastry, the chocolate molds in the section Pastry molds.

  • Material and tools for...

    Déco'Relief presents you the tools for pastry cutting : pastry cutter in hard plastic, cookie cutter in stainless steel, pastry pad in plastic, chef's knives. The material and tools for pastry cutting is of professional quality and has attractif price for the pastry chef but also for the amateur in pastry willing to work with professional quality material.  

  • Pastry tools

    In the range Pastry tools you will find professional pastry tools to bake, cut, whip, whisk, garnish, decorate : rolling pin, stainless steel wisk, pastry bag or pipping bag, professional spatula etc. A big choice of pastry tools of high professional quality for an easy work; the right tool for any kind of pastry raw material. 

  • Airbrush for pastry work

    Déco'Relief presents a complete range of various models of airbrushes for pastry work, special stands for airbrushes, table compressors for easy and silent work. The aibrushes are used with our special range of liquid airbrush colorings.

  • Nut roasting

    Our nut roasting machines are intended to the professional pastry chefs that need to caramelize or sugar-coat almonds, nuts, hazelnuts, dried fruits; there is also possibility to make a production with chocolate or gianduya. All the dried fruits are in the section Fruits du Chef. Don't forget also the traditional pop-corn machine.

  • Thermoforming machine

    With our thermoforming machine you can create alone your own plastic molds. You will find rolls of 3 different thickness of plastic so as create personnalised molds of any size, but also the plaster necessary for the matrix. The molds created with the thermoforming machine are used for work with chocolate.

  • Packaging and boxes...

    Déco'Relief presents a large range of boxes for pastries and other packaging for cakes and macarons : packaging for small cakes, yule log desserts, candy, macarons and chocolates. Sold in piece or in box of several pieces, paper cake boards to use for yule log desserts, small cakes; small plastic boxes for chocolates, candy, macarons.

  • Bread baskets

    Baskets for bread, fermentation or presentation of bread and viennoiserie or pastry.  Bread baskets with canvas or without will allow you quick, original and traditional presentation of your breads and pastry.

  • Vacuum Cleaners &...

    Vacuum cleaners for Bakery or Pastry shop, together with set of anti-statique tools to use for cleaning flour from the oven. Other cleaning tool and hygiene material :  chef's hat, cap, coat, laboratory mask.

  • Silicone mats

    If you need a silicone mat or baking sheet in silicone for your pastries, Déco'Relief has a big range of professional quality and resistant to use pastry silicone mats : non stick material, with or without edge, smooth or with relief, plain or micro-perforated silicone or even special mat for macarons, whatever is the one you need you'll find it here. ALl the mats are made platinium silicone to be used from -40°C to 260°C, for freezing or baking.

  • Stainless steel pastry...

    Please discover our very large range of stainless steel rings : tart rings, mousse rings, freezed desserts rings, vacherin or parfait rings, micro perforated stainless steel rings or plain stainless steel rings; rings of many different diameters, heights and forms, so as to have enough choice while searching for your new pastry creations. Use your stainless steel tart ring on a silicone mat for better grip and perfect baking of your pies' bottom; use the stainless steel rings with micro perforated mat for even better spread of the heat.

  • Boxes and Kits

    With its know-how of more than 30 years, Déco Relief carefully selects the best ingredients and pastry equipment, of professional quality and accessible to all.

    Always in the concern of transmitting our passion, we offer seasonal boxes that adapt to the delicacies of the moment. These complete boxes contain all the necessary equipment to make you discover the essentials of Pastry and Chocolate!

  • Ribbons and sheets...

    Looking for Rhodoïd leaves and ribbon for your creations? Find them here.

    The rhodoïd strips will allow you to easily make desserts that will amaze more than one. Thanks to the rhodoïd ribbons, which you just need to insert into the circles to be drawn up, you will easily unmold your creations.

    Also available in sheets.

  • Liquid silicone

    You can create your own silicone mold in no time with our food-grade liquid silicone in set of 2 parts. You can make parts or base for your special artistic piece, personalize a mold for a pastry competition or a subject in sugar, ice-cream, marzipan, chocolate or sugar paste. Use the white liquid silicone to create more flexible mold and the red silicone for harder and rigid mold; also the white plastiline for formwork joint. We advise you to use our special plastic sheet for sugar work as base when pouring and working the liquid silicone.

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