Food Coloring

Deco Relief food coloring is offered through wide ranges for pastry chefs, chocolate makers and artistic sugar professionals: liquid food coloring for airbrushing, water-soluble or fat-soluble powdered food coloring, natural or metallic food coloring, etc.

For surface or bulk coloring, choose your food coloring according to the use: for coloring chocolate and cocoa butter, coloring sugar paste, fondant or artistic pieces in isomalt .

Food coloring is mainly used in pastries (macaroons, dessert mousse, etc.) and culinary preparations.

For a simple and direct coloring, find food varnishes, food coloring gel or food pens of various colors.

Accessible to all, our range of food coloring spray will allow you to color all your cakes, desserts or sweets to give free rein to your creativity!

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