Chocolate molds for Easter

Discover our range of thermoformed plastic molds for chocolate Easter subjects. Hen, egg or rabbit in chocolate, to obtain smooth and shiny chocolate subjects for Easter use Barry couverture chocolate. Cover the ready chocolate subjects with layer of Varnish Déco'Spré for better preservation and even more brilliant surface of your chocolate.


  • Egg chocolate molds

    Discover our range of egg chocolate molds to create your Easter eggs.

    Our thermoformed molds are made of food contact plastic and retain the shine of the couverture chocolate after the chocolate has been tweaked. From the most classic to the most original, decorate your chocolate eggs with colored cocoa butter or metallic coloring or with real gold flakes or glitter. Déco’Relief also has a range of large egg moulds.

    The injected egg chocolate sheet, commonly known as a polycarbonate sheet, can be laid flat during filling and colored with a first layer of colored cocoa butter before pouring your couverture chocolate or sprinkled with metallic food coloring powder. Déco’Relief also offers you its range of thermoformed chocolate egg moulds.

  • Rabbit chocolate molds

    The Easter bunny is back! Discover a selection of rabbit molds for your most beautiful Easter creations.

  • Chicken and rooster...

    Who says egg, says hen! To accompany your Easter eggs, quickly discover our chicken and rooster chocolate moulds.

  • Plastic molds for...

    To create beautiful Easter bells in chocolate, try our molds for chocolate bells. Made in food-grade inected plastic, the molds for chocolate bells can be colored before pouring the chocolate with metallic powder colorings. Varnish after demolding the ready chocolate bell with Déco'Spré so as to be sure of long preservation and great brilliance.

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