Professional Bakery Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaner (3 motors, 60L capacity)

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This Professional Bakery Anti-Static Vacuum Cleaner (3 motors, 60L capacity) allows you to clean your laboratory, your ovens, dust, flour and water.

A must-have to keep your laboratory clean. The anti-static oven kit allows you to vacuum the oven's hot flour, avoiding discharges.

Stainless Steel tilting tank to facilitate your vacuum cleaner's cleaning. Lateral liquid evacuation device.

2 motors 2000W, stainless steel tank with 60L capacity. Air flow 106L/s. 220-230V 50-60Hz. 

Delivered with accessories.

The anti-static oven kit includes: 1 reinforced double-graph aluminum hose, 1 3m tube in 3 parts with thermal protection sheath, 1 heat-resistant suction head, 1 crevice tool to vacuum in the corners

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