Various raw materials for Pastry Decorations

Materials for pastry decoration, cake designs on your weddingcakes or cupcakes and popcakes, the professional quality Deco'Relief Sugar Paste will be, thanks to its elasticity and flexibility, perfect to cover your wedding cakes. Other materials for pastry decoration are also available such as plastic chocolate, almond paste or gumpaste. Déco'Relief also offers you the new lace paste for your weddingcake, cupcake and all cake designs. All these decorative pastry materials can be colored with water-soluble powder food colors or liquid food colors and flavored with the Deco'Relief food flavors. A wide range of materials for cake design and therefore the work of the sugar paste and the assembling of weddingcake is proposed in the section Pastry Material and tools and pastry cutters and other tools for the work of the sugar paste or other pastry decorations in the section pastry tools for cutting.

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