Chocolate Mold - Set of 2 Snowmen Light Bulb

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The Light Bulb Snowman Chocolate Mould, a must-have for all of your end-of-year celebrations! 

This chocolate mould is made of 2 parts, in thin thermoformed, slightly more flexible than other moulds.  The material of this chocolate mould brings shine to your chocolate creations while still making the unmoulding easy. Its transparency allows to easily decorate the reliefs decors of it.

It's advised to use couverture chocolate to have smooth and shiny chocolates.

To mould your Christmas chocolates: you can colour your mould. Pour the tempered couverture chocolate in the mould, take off the excess with a spatula. Let it harden (in the fridge). Unmould.

Set of 2 Light Bulbs with support


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