Chocolate BARRY- Lacté Caramel - 1 kg

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Coverture chocolate Barry Lacté Caramel is particularly gourmet. Its tender milky taste and caramel notes will sublimate your preparations. Do not hesitate to add a touch of salt to raise the notes of this chocolate. Lacté Caramel is a milk chocolate with 31.1% cocoa.

Easy to use, these chocolate Barry pistoles of about 2g allow easy dosing for all your chocolate recipes. The packaging of Barry cocoas is specially designed to ensure a good preservation of your chocolate after opening.

Composition: 31.1% cocoa, 27.2% milk (whole and powdered), sugar, caramelized sugar, emulsifier: soy lecithin, spices, natural vanilla flavor.

Use: Perfect for molding chocolates and candies, wrapping, ganache for pastries and interiors of candies, biscuits, chocolate sauces, decorations, ice creams and sorbets, chocolate mousse.

Sachet of 1kg of chocolate pistols Lacté Caramel.


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