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Silicone mat - Smooth-10mm edge-600x400mm

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Multipurpose and practical, this smooth (560x375mm) silicone mat will be more than useful to work with sugar paste, melted sugar but also to bake your cakes and pastries.

The mat's smooth surface is non-adhesive: you don't need to add fat on it (cover it with a little bit of flour if your dough is butter based), the sugar will not stick to it.

You can use this to work with melted sugar without it sticking to the mat.

This silicone mat can also be used when it comes to cooking your pastries, biscuits, rolled biscuits, pies in stainless steel rings,... The Edge allows you to pour your preparation until it reaches a 10mm thickness. After smoothing it out, you will get a regular thickness of your preparation.

The usable surface of the mat is: 564x352mm.

This silicone mat can handle temperatures from: -40°C to +280°C.


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564 x 352 x 10 mm