Chocolate Mould - Striped Egg (x2 - 140mm)

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This Striped Egg Chocolate Mould (2 pieces) will allow you to create the Easter must-have: the chocolate egg, a real classic for this season.

This egg chocolate mould is made with injected plastic, without bisphenol A. This material brings shine to your chocolate and makes the unmoulding of your giant egg easier. The transparency of the mould allows you to decorate more easily the egg and allows you to spot any damage to your chocolate.

We advise you to use couverture chocolate in order to get a smooth and shiny result. You can find our range here. You can also colour your chocolate eggs by putting food colouring inside the mould before pouring the chocolate.

This mould will give you 2 1/2 egg. Plate: 275x135mm


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h.140mm 2pcs