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Smooth Chocolate Egg Mould - 3 pcs

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This 3pcs Smooth Chocolate Egg Mould will enable you to make the essential chocolate Easter egg, a timeless chocolate classic.

Its timeless smooth surface makes this mould a classic for your Easter chocolates.

This chocolate egg mould is made from blue tritan. Its composition adds shine to the chocolate and makes it easy to remove your giant chocolate eggs from the mould. Transparent, you can easily decorate your piece.

We recommend that you use couverture chocolate for smooth, shiny eggs. You can find our range of Barry couverture chocolate in the "Raw materials" tab. You can also colour your chocolate Easter eggs by depositing lacquer colouring on the mould before pouring the couverture chocolate.

This chocolate egg mould can be used to create 3 half-shells.

Plate size: 275x135mm.
Subject dimension: h.149.6 x 100.6 mm

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h.149,6 x 100,6 mm - 3 pcs