Green Natural Lipodispersible Coloring Foodstuff

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The natural lipodispersible coloring foodstuffs of the Splendid Color range consist of micronized powder designed on a vegetable basis (vegetables, fruits, plants). A true 100% natural vegetable concentrate with coloring power, without additives and which does not alter the taste of your preparation.

Ingredients : Concentrate of safflower and spirulina. Invert sugar syrup, maltodextrin, citric acid. Gluten free. FORBIDDEN IN USA


In fat-soluble use: allow the microparticles time to dissolve to obtain a perfect result (about 3 minutes).

Possibility of water-soluble use: dilute beforehand before adding to the device.

When baking (macaroons, cakes, etc.): respect low temperature baking (less than 100 °).

In icing: wait for the particles to dissolve perfectly.

Dosage : Between 0.5% and 1% per preparation.

Conservation : Store away from air, light and heat. Recap well after use.

Observe the defrosting process.

Our powdered food colourings are packed in our workshops in France


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Technical sheet CH13

Need more information on our natural lipodispersible green food coloring? Discover the technical sheet with all the characteristics and coloring properties.

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