Pavoni Gourmet Silicone Mould - Disco Grande

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Pavoni Gourmet Silicone Mould - Disco Grande

Pavoni created the Gourmet silicone mould range for catering and pastries. The Gourmet range will allow you to create sweet and salty decorations, to decorate your plates and presentations. The modern and design shapes of these silicone moulds will allow you to showcase easily and quickly your creations.

You can use this Gourmet silicone mould to create salty or sweet biscuits, to bring some crunch to your preparations; or even for sauces and jellies.

Temperatures: -40°C to +280°C
Dimensions of the mould: 300x400mm
Dimensions of the imprints: 110x3.5mm
6 imprints

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Ø 110x3.5mm