Liquid Food Colouring Yellow Special Sugar - Alcohol Base - 125mL

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The Yellow Special Sugar Food Colouring - Alcohol Base is specially designed for working with cast, drawn or blown sugar, its alcohol base prevents the sugar from being "stirred" when it is incorporated.

You can use your liquid food colouring to work with sugar (or isomalt), but also in sugar-based preparations: jams, candied fruits, confectionery items, drinks, ice creams, dragees, aperitifs, liqueurs, syrups...

The high concentration of this liquid dye allows to obtain beautiful bright colours.

Attention: The colouring effect obtained with the liquid dye depends on the surface on which the dye is used. A white substrate (milk, etc.) produces brighter colours, a transparent substrate (water, gel, etc.) does not produce the same intensity, etc. High temperature conditions cause a significant decrease in the colourant's durability, as do extreme pH conditions.

Composition: water, E102 dyes, sodium chloride, alcohol, preservative: E202.   E102: may have adverse effects on the activity and attention of children.

Intended for the manufacture of foodstuffs: do not consume as is.

Use: Shake well before use. Put a few drops of colouring in your sugar before cooking (to evaporate the alcohol) according to the intensity of the desired colour.

Storage: Close the bottle tightly after use. Store at room temperature, in a dry place, protected from light.

Our liquid food colourings are developed, mixed and packed in our workshops in France


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