Metallic Food Coloring - Bright Silver - 25 g

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Discover our new collection of metallic dyes!

With our Bright Silder Metallic Colouring, you will find a silver colour close to the moon.

This coarse grain colouring will be ideal to bring a shiny, precious and unique touch to your desserts, for the end of year celebrations, a wedding, a glittering birthday...

This food colouring powder is used as a surface colouring, it should not be incorporated into the mass. You can use it to decorate your chocolates, sugar paste, marzipan, macaroons, desserts... It is suitable for all uses!

Use: For a "glitter" effect, simply sprinkle the metallic dye on the surface to be decorated or spread it with your finger. For more precision, especially for sugar paste decorations, you can use a fine brush.

You can also obtain a food paint with this powdered dye, simply dilute it in alcohol and apply with a brush.

To make glittery chocolate candies, place a little metallic powder in the chocolate mould before placing your pastry or couverture chocolate. The colouring will transfer when removing from the mould.

Composition: E555, E172[nano]

Our powdered food colourings are packed in our workshops in France


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