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Fruit Jelly Silicone Mould - 24 Lemon (28x20x11mm)

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Create delicious and homemade fruit jellies with our Fruit Jelly Silicone Mould - Lemon. This professional mould is easy to use and manipulate, guaranteeing a perfect unmoulding.

Timeless sweet, fruit jelly can be adapted to the different seasons, according to the different fruits available. You can also create sweet-salty combination to go with a cheese plate to serve your guests.

This fruit jelly mould has a silicone mould of a 10mm thickness with a plastic frame. You can also create iced fruits or use it with sugar, chocolates.

To enhance the taste of the fruits used in the paste, you can also use food flavourings

After it cooled down, unmould your fruit jellies easily with the silicone material.


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