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Silicone Mould - Fantasy Kougloff

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This Silicone Mould - Fantasy Kougloff is ideal to create a dessert to share. Its original shape will surprise your guests!

The silicone moulds are flexible, guaranteeing an easy unmoulding of your cakes. The silicone will not stick to your preparations, allowing to keep the reliefs of the mould.

For any occasion, this silicone mould can resists temperatures from -60°C to +260°C, you can use it for recipes needing cooking, freezing.

This mould is adapted for food contact.

To maintain the mould in a good shape, we advise you to clean in with water, a grease removing soap and a non abrasive sponge. You can also put it in the dishwasher. Do not cut your cake in the mould as it can damage it.


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Data sheet

Diam 240 mm h 100 mm