Magnetic Lollipop Chocolate Mould - Oval x5

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This Magnetic Lollipop Chocolate Mould - Oval allows you to create homemade chocolate lollipops, to fill with praline or caramel for a tastier moment.

This plastic injected mould is made with 2 parts (275x135x25mm: one plastic injected plate with magnets, one magnetic stainless steel plate).

These chocolate moulds are perfect to create chocolate lollipops with transfer sheets. Or to get sparkling lollipops, place a rhodoid sheet instead of the transfer sheet and dust with sparkles.

To customize your lollipops, simply put the transfer sheet on the stainless steel plate then stabilise it with the plastic injected plate's magnets. This will avoid the sheet to move during the making of the chocolate.

To get a perfect smooth and shiny chocolate, we advise you to use Couverture Chocolate. 

Be Aware: Do not put this mould in the dishwasher, as it could damage the magnets with the heat.

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