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Invert Sugar or Trimoline is an essential product! Used in baking to obtain softer preparations, it provides a better texture for a large number of sweet preparations.

Invert sugar, also called trimoline, comes in the form of a white-pale yellow paste, made from beetroot, which can be used for gluten-free products.

Its sweetening power is 20 to 25% greater than that of sugar, so you have to adapt the amount of invert sugar to incorporate in your recipe compared to conventional sugar.

Invert sugar has many properties: improving the textures of pasta and chocolates, helps the formation of a crunchy and golden crust, improves the preservation of products, strengthens the aromas, prevents drying out after thawing, thins the ganaches so that they 'they are smoother ...

To use invert sugar in baking, it must first be dissolved in milk. In bakery and pastries, add the trimoline at the end of kneading.


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