Food Spray Metallic Or Orient 405ml

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The Gold Orient Metallic Food Spray will give a magnificent golden metallic effect to all your creations, pastries or chocolates. Your achievements will become true works of art! Easy to use, this golden edible spray can be used to give a metallic finish to chocolates, macaroons, marzipan, sugars, pastries (after baking) ...

You can also create decorations using stencils.

The metallic finish provided by this food red coloring spray allows you to highlight the reliefs of your rooms. Ready to use, shake well before use.

Spray the Or food spray on your room from a distance of 25 cm in a ventilated place. After each use, purge the nozzle to prevent the clogging of your food spray.

Red color. Use reserved for professionals.

Composition: Gas E943a, E944, Colorants E172 [nano], E100, E555

Authorized use in France:

- Confectionery

- decoration

- Fine bakery


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D158.A2 Fiche Technique

D158A2 Fiche Technique du colorant alimentaire métallisé or en spray

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