Chocolate Mould - Monolithe 3D Egg (x2)

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Discover our Monolithe 3D Egg Chocolate Mould, ideal to create original Easter eggs.

This kit contains two injected hard plastic support cases with a flexible silicone tread with relief. Easy to use, you will get a beautiful Easter egg!

Specificity: 1 full egg kit
Dimensions: h.210 x Ø110mm

For a better result, we advise you to use couverture chocolate.

How to use:
- wipe the silicone tread with a microfiber clothe before each use and put the tread in the plastic case
- create a first chocolate layer with a brush to fill in the designed shapes then pour the chocolate inside depending on the wanted thickness
- after crystallisation, unclip the silicone tread and unmould the chocolate


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