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Gelatine de poisson en poudre - 500 g

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Fish Gelatine Powder is an indispensable ally for pastry chefs. It makes it easy to create exceptional desserts!

Ideal to create mousses, creams, candies and many other delights...

Quality 200 Blooms

Ingredients: Food-grade gelatine derived from acid-processed fish skins. Gelatine suitable for human consumption. 

Use: Take the desired gelatine powder then add 6 times its weight in cold water (ex: for 2 g of gelatine, put it in 12 g of water). Incorporate directly the mixture to your hot preparation and mix well. The gelatine cannot be put in a boiling preparation because it would lose their gelling effect.

Store: Store in a dry place, with room temperature

Quantity: 500 g

Halal certified gelatine: SK-12-CE


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500 g

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