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HALAL Beef Gelatin Sheets - 1kg

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The HALAL Beef Gelatin Sheets (170 Bloom) will allow you to bring stability and fondant to your preparations: sweet or salty.

With these sheets format, this beef gelatin can be use in bavarois, mousses, jellies,... It's a natural additive that will bring stability, a real gelling agent wiht fondant.

Gelatin improves the protein content of the preparations without raising the caloric value, without any sugar or fat input; it also will make your preparation last longer.

Without any additives, no cholesterol or purine, contains 90% proteins.

Blooms are representing the gelling power of the gelatin. The more the number of bloom is high, the more the gelling power is strong.

Each sheet weighs 2,5g, one box of 1kg represents roughly 400 sheets. 

Put the sheets in water before using them.

HALAL Certified Gelatin


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Boîte de 1 kg - Feuille d'environ 2,5 gr - 400 feuilles / kg