Boiled Sweet - Lollipop Silicone Mould (x4)

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Create delicious handmade and homemade lollipops with this Boiled Sweet Lollipop Silicone Mould. With this food grade silicone mould, you can create lollipops with sugar or chocolate.

A real classic, whether it's to sell or offer, your lollipops will delight your guests no matter their age.

This silicone mould can handle temperatures from -30°C to +200°C. Flaxible, it makes the unmoulding of your lollipops easier, without breaking the details.

To create sugar lollipops, boil 400g of water with 1000g of sugar and 1g of tartar cream. Add 400g of glucose. With a thermometer, cook everything at 154°C. Add your food colouring, citric acid with a bit of flavouring. Pour in the silicone mould, insert the lollipop stick and unmould while it's still warm before let it cool down.

You can then pack your lollipops in our transparent plastic bags.


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50x95mm - 4pcs