Isomalt Le Magnifique - 1kg

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A must-have for pulled sugar, poured sugar, flowed sugar, 'Isomalt - Le Magnifique' will allow you to create all desired pieces.

Isomalt is a white powder used to get a polished effect, idea for any sugar pieces.

Easy to use, isomalt has a great stability even at high temperatures (like 160°C or even 195°C). Its low hygroscopicity makes the surface less sticky and gives a better resistance to humidity.

To use Isomalt for poured sugar: melt the isomalt at 150°C minimum. Isomalt can be cooked up to 195°C without being caramelized. Let it cool down for 5 to 10 minutes before pouring, to avoid bubbles.

To use Isomalt for pulled sugar or flowed sugar: work the Isomalt to 163°C-170°C, then block the cooking in a bain marie. Let it cool down to avoid bubbles and then pour it on a silicone mat.


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