Water Soluble Food Colouring Powder - Summer Red - 10 g

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Add colour to all your baked goods with this water soluble food colouring powder - Summer Red. The red colouring from the Spring Colors range is ideal for colouring sugar decorations, confectionery, macaroons, creams, pastries...

The small packaging is very practical for small productions or household use. These dyes are ideal for making colourful birthday cake decorations, rainbow cakes, or for colouring your icing to decorate biscuits. 

The Spring Colors powdered dyes provide softer colours than the Intensive dyes. You can adjust the dosage as you wish, to obtain a more or less intense colour, within the limits of the regulations.

To add a touch of sparkle to your colourful creations, you can use metallic dye or glitter spray.

Composition: E124 dye, sodium chloride.  E124 may have an adverse effect on the activity & attention of children.

Intended for the manufacture of foodstuffs: do not consume as is.

Use: Dilute beforehand in water.

Storage: Close after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

Water-soluble powdered colours will allow you to colour sugar paste, macaroons, fondant and all types of sweet or savoury preparations...

They can be incorporated directly into the preparation or diluted in a little water beforehand. However, a tip of a knife is enough to colour 1L of preparation.


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