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Electric Compressor for Chocolate

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The Pastry and Chocolate Compressor has to be used with a sprayer in order to create decorations and delicate finishing touches on your pastries or chocolate pieces.

With a sprayer, you can spray chocolate, food colourings, cacao butter,... to bring the final touch to your creations.

Electric compressor without oil for food norms. Non lubricated pistons, without maintenance. 6L tank, 8 bars max pressure, 1550 t-min. 89L/min, pressure adjustment gauge. Pressure regulator integrated in the cylinder head, with direct reading.

Cooling manifolf equipped with large fins and high-flow turbine, to guarantee an air temperature in the delivery circuit close to the ambient temperature.

220 V. 50 Hz. Only 48 dBA.

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OILLESS PISTON COMPRESSOR, WITHOUT MAINTENANCE - Oilless electric compressor with food norms.
6 Litres tank, 8 bars max pressure, 1550 r-min, 89 L/min, ajusting pressure gauge
Without oiling, without maintenance - rod with oil for life bearin

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450x170x480mm 14kg