Intense Pulled Sugar Coloring - Antique Green Metal Effect

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This Powdered Sugar Colorant with Antique Green Metal Effect, will bring a unique metallic effect to your artistic sugar pieces or for cake decorations.

Our range of Intense metallic effect powder coloring is only intended for working with pulled sugar. The metallic effect of these dyes is revealed during the satin-finishing of the drawn sugar.

Ideal for artistic sugar pieces, to bring an original touch. Or for making flowers in pulled sugar to decorate desserts and wedding cakes.

You can use this range like other Intense water soluble dyes. Dissolve the dye in water beforehand before incorporating it into your isomalt. Count a knife tip for 1L of preparation.

Composition: coloring E102, E122, E133

E122, E102 may have an adverse effect on children's activity & attention.

Our powdered food colourings are packed in our workshops in France


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