Intense Water Soluble Food Colouring Powder - Blue - 50 g

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Add colour to all your creations with this Intense Water Soluble Food Colouring Powder - Blue, used by the greatest pastry chefs! Ideal for artistic sugar.

Used by Stéphane Klein, the undisputed master of artistic sugar, our range of "Intense" powdered food colouring is particularly appreciated for colouring drawn, blown or cast sugar. Ideal for making artistic pieces with brilliant colours.

Highly concentrated, just one tip of a knife of food colouring powder is enough to colour 1L of preparation! 

We recommend using isomalt when making sugar pieces.

Composition: E133 colouring agent

Intended for the production of foodstuffs: do not consume as is.

Use: Dilute beforehand in water.

Conservation: Close after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

The water-soluble powdered colours will allow you to colour sugar paste, macaroons, fondant and all types of sweet or savoury preparations...

They can be incorporated directly into the preparation or diluted in a little water beforehand. However, a tip of a knife is enough to colour 1L of preparation.

Our powdered food colourings are packed in our workshops in France


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