Water Soluble Natural Food Colouring Powder - Pink - 50 g

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Add colour to all your creations with this Natural Water Soluble Food Colouring Powder - Pink - Azo Free. Versatile, you can use this natural colouring in several types of preparations: macaroon shells, sweet preparations, pastillages, creams... 

Indispensable for making trendy coloured cakes, such as rainbow cakes, or as a colour marker for the different flavours of your macaroons, this natural food colouring can be used in both thick and fluid doughs.

These food colourings are made from natural products and are non-azo. Please note that these food colourings, being of natural origin, may leave a slight taste due to their composition and slightly modify the taste of your preparation.

Depending on your pasta, we advise you to adapt your method of use to obtain an optimal result. In powder or liquid preparations, you can add your natural food colouring directly. For thicker doughs, dilute 1 teaspoon of water with 1 teaspoon of natural food colouring powder before adding it to your dough. 

Composition: E120, E100, maltodextrin.

Intended for the manufacture of foodstuffs: do not consume as is.

Use: dilute beforehand in water.

Storage: Close after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

The water-soluble powdered colours will allow you to colour sugar paste, macaroons, fondant and all types of sweet or savoury preparations...

They can be incorporated directly into the preparation or diluted in a little water beforehand. However, a tip of a knife is enough to colour 1L of preparation.


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NAH08 Fiche Technique

Fiche technique du colorant alimentaire naturel NAH08 couleur rose

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